Aggressive Dog

We’ll work together so you can regain confidence in taking your dog out or having people visit your home. You'll understand why aggression happens and learn how to change that response, so dog ownership can be pleasurable again.

You'll get the techniques you need to safely manage your dog; a solution focused plan tailored to your individual goals; and one to one coaching to ensure you and your dog progress smoothly.

Most importantly you'll have a champion in your corner, and a shoulder to cry on – because life with a ‘difficult’ dog can be hard.

Ready to work with me? Send me a few details, we'll arrange a call to chat and decide if we're right for each other.

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Aggression can occur in lots of contexts. You're probably here because you are familiar with at least one of them.

  • The dog goes ‘ballistic’ at the sight of other dogs or has attacked another dog.
  • The dog won’t let anyone into the house or has bitten a human visitor.
  • The dog growls or snaps if anyone goes near his food bowl or something he’s got in his mouth.
  • You have more than one dog and they fight at home.

If you experience any of these, it’s time to address the behaviour before it gets worse. Unmanaged aggression puts you and your family, other people and your dog at risk.

The good news is, I am here to help change things for the better for you and your dog. Arrange a call today!

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