Wondering how long it will take to train your puppy?

The short answer is, as long as you like.

But come on, you know me by now – I don’t do short answers 😉

In reality, it kinda depends what your definition of ‘trained’ is.

If you’re happy with a dog who can ‘sit’ when asked, doesn’t wee on the carpet, and looks at you when you say his name – a couple of weeks and you’re laughing. He can get on with the business of being a dog and you can walk him round the block twice a day every day.

Then again, it would be handy for him to come back when called. Stretch puppy’s training out for a few months and you’ve smashed it.

Of course, consolidating that learning in different places or ‘proofing’ it is going to make his recall even more spectacular – especially as he starts getting more confident in his exploits. So actually, it’s going to take a bit longer.

And, while you’re still working on his recall – you might as well teach him some other useful stuff like not dashing out the door as soon as you open it, keeping his feet on the floor and his tongue out of face-range when visitors arrive.

Well, crikey, he’s quite clever at this stuff and it would be cool to teach him some cute tricks to impress the visitors too!

And now you realise you’re enjoying the training as much as he is. He’s definitely more attentive to you these days. Wouldn’t it be great to do some more training just for fun together? Trick titles or Agility maybe? Let the good times roll! And along with them a more focused, relaxed, engaged dog who is a joy to hang out with.

All of a sudden, the puppy is 12 years old, and he’s starting to slow up a bit. It’d be great if he learnt some less strenuous activities like scent work to enjoy in his dotage. And now he needs to learn to walk up and down a ramp to go out in the car. He’s so happy the two of you are going through your training paces together again – and so pleased with himself, he just learnt a new trick…

So: a couple of weeks  training or his whole life. The choice is yours.  I know which way I’d choose.

❤️  🐾🐾


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