One-to-One Training

The focus of 1:1 training sessions is to help you to teach your dog new skills, to make your life and his a little easier. You’ll both be learning how to communicate together effectively, so that you can achieve the best with your dog.

You get a dog you can be proud of, who does what you ask when you need him to and is generally pleasant to be around. Your dog gets a human who better understands his needs and is ready to work ‘with’ not ‘against’ him.

Maybe you have a specific goal you need help to achieve with your dog, such as:

  • Walking nicely on the lead
  • Coming back when called
  • Not jumping up at people
  • Waiting to be released before getting out the car
  • Preparing for a new baby
  • Being calm and settled in the house

Or perhaps you’d just like some guidance to inject more fun into your dog ownership, to enhance your relationship with your dog and enrich both your lives?

Training packages are tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog-human partnership, so the best place to start is to contact me and arrange a call back to discuss your requirements. Send me a message!

Please note: If your dog has problems with aggression, fear or other more extreme behaviours, you may be advised to book a behaviour consultation.